“homosexuality is found in 97% of animal species. homophobia is found in one. cats.

Just kidding guys, it’s us. We’re the monsters.” — Daniel Sloss. Do I have your attention? No worries, I have more LOLs for you at the end of this post.

The “non-traditional” family has included parents of the same gender, although this will hopefully be seen as a less taboo occurrence. Oppositions to same-sex parents have definitely come up since the legalization as same-sex marriage. These oppositions include concerns for the child’s emotional and social abilities. CNN has an article discussing a study that proves that this is not true. Although previous studies have shown that there are negative emotional effects of having same-sex parents, a new study was shown that previous research did not control for things such as divorce, income, or poor physical/mental health.

As discussed in lecture, the purpose of the public family is to produce public goods, such as good citizenship, productive workforce, and informal caregiving. And as far as I know, the gender of the humans producing those public goods does not necessarily have anything to do with actually producing the public goods.

What do you guys think of same-sex parents, and the criticisms they receive?

And children who come from a household with parents of the same gender are no different from any other, except maybe slightly better dressed. (Note: Please watch that)


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11 thoughts on ““homosexuality is found in 97% of animal species. homophobia is found in one. cats.

  1. This was an interesting way to analyze the material we learned in class Monday! I definitely think that people are entirely too close-minded about same-sex parents. I think that people have a stigma about people who are homosexual. People automatically assume that two people of the same sex cannot adequately raise a child together, which is absurd. They are just people! I believe that same-sex couples should be able to raise children together without people criticizing their every move and decision. Great post!


  2. This was a great post! I completely agree with you that in terms of a public family producing public goods, the gender of the couple doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the health and well-being of the family and that the kids are taken care of and socialized by a loving family. If people want a strong workforce in future generations, they can’t limit who is and isn’t allowed to get married and raise children.


  3. I feel that the criticism that same sex parents face is very unfair because being of the same sex doesn’t inhibit there ability to be parents, all they have to do is show they care for their kids and help them through tough times. I feel that it’s people that make fun of same sex couples are the ones that make kids of same sex marriages feel bad about themselves because now they start to feel like there is something wrong with their family.


  4. Criticism of same-sex parents are mostly made on the basis of prejudice. In my opinion, same sex parents are better parents than some heterosexual parents because they chose to have a child. That usually means that they are at a point in their life where they are financially able to take care of a child, and they want to love that child. Of course, heterosexual families will love their child also, but some children are born accidentally, and neither parents want to take responsibly for the child. This will result in bad parenting or abandoning of the child.


  5. I definitely do think that it is a shame that same-sex marriages get the type of criticism that they do. In my opinion, your sexuality should not be considered as something that relates to the productivity of your family. Also was super interested in the quote in your title so I looked it up and might very well read the book based around that study!


  6. Interesting post! I agree that same sex parents receive a lot more criticism than other parents because people think they lack some sort of ability or skills that are needed to be parents that only different sex parents can offer. Overall I enjoyed reading your post!


  7. I enjoyed this post! Those who are still against same-sex marriage will often use the excuse you mentioned of how it will influence their children. In my opinion, that is basically just coded language for “I am ignorant, hateful, and scared.” I have no doubt in my mind that a loving couple of the same sex can be wonderful parents, and their children will grow up to be the productive members of society that we discussed in class.. and definitely well-dressed.


  8. This is a great topic to blog about!! I agree that same sex parents receive a lot more criticism than other parents due to the fact that people only think different sex relationships have a better chance of raising kids and that is just false. Everyone has their own story and shouldn’t be judged for it. Great job!


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